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About Us

Where Driblet started

In December 2011 my little ray of sunshine Joe was born. I noticed at eight weeks he started to dribble. The dribble seemed excessive to other babies and Joe always had to wear a bib. Everyone would comment on the amount he dribbled. I would leave the house with about 10 bibs in my changing bag.

I bought every bib possible from the high street and internet and found that although some were very nice quality, they didn’t stop the dribble soaking through. The cheaper bibs with fleece on the back stopped the dribble soaking through but they were cheaply made, over locked around the edges and within a few washes looked scruffy. With the fleece being next to the skin I found this caused Joe to sweat. I also found a lot of the bibs covered the outfit underneath.

Most bibs were made out of cotton jersey fronts which were absorbent but would stay sodden. A bib I tried, used cotton poplin as the front and I wondered if it would work. After testing the bib I found I liked this bib the most, as it soaked up the dribble but the bib would also dry whilst Joe was wearing it. Therefore Joe was able to wear the same bib for a longer period of time.

As a mother on maternity leave I wanted a quality product at a reasonable price as I do believe you get what you pay for. After all some children can dribble up to 36 months old so that’s a lot of wear they get from their Driblet bib.

Joe still dribbles excessively but is kept dry using Driblet. I’m still using the initial bibs I made Joe as they look just as good now as they did on day one.

What are Dribble Bibs?

Baby dribble bibs are the same thing as baby bandana bibs. Some people use the term “dribble bibs” to describe them and some use “bandana bibs”.

What material is used in Driblet?

All Driblet are now reversible. Driblet dribble bibs are made from a top layer of 100% cotton, a middle layer of fleece and backed with 100% cotton. The top layer comes in many designs and acts as the front of the bibs.

Why do Driblet use Cotton Poplin as a top material?

When researching about dribble bibs I tested all the bibs on the market. I found a bib that used Cotton Poplin as a top material as most bib companies use cotton jersey. This was one of the better bibs. Using cotton poplin soaked up the dribble and the bib dried whilst the bib was being worn whereas the cotton jersey stayed sodden. Therefore I could leave the bib on Joe a lot longer than other bibs. Another benefit of cotton poplin are the varied designs, which are more attractive looking and don’t fade after washing. Yes, Driblet do make cotton jersey and denim fronts and they have their place. In the 15 months I’ve been blessed with Joe I’ve found the watery dribble soaks in all the bibs. I would describe Joe as an over the top excessive dribbler and some days he doesn’t just dribble, he drools a thick liquid. These days I use the cotton jersey or denim. In my overall opinion I prefer the cotton poplin Driblet as they do the job but look fab as well.

Why do Driblet have three layers of material?

Whilst testing all the other bibs I found the ones with fleece on them stopped the dribble going through to the clothing underneath. I tested anti-pill fleece and micro fleece and the anti-pill fleece was better. The problems with fleece were that after washing bits would be stuck to the fleece and the bib would start to look scruffy. I also found having fleece next to the skin was very warm and sometimes when I took the bib off, Joe had been sweating around his neck. This was especially when the bib had a ruched neck. I thought why doesn’t someone make a bib with the fleece, but cover it with a backing layer. I couldn’t find a bib so that’s when I started making my own.

Why does Driblet have a rounded neck?

After testing all the bibs, I found the ruched bibs soaked up the dribble but the material would then rub on Joe’s chin/neck. As the material would be wet this would then cause a rash. I also found that when Joe was younger the ruched bibs would not sit right and would sometimes bunch up and be covering his mouth. I tried bibs that had a rounder neck and found that when fastened, the material on the front would gather and soak up the dribble without rubbing against his skin.

Newborn Driblets have a narrower neck to fit more snuggly around the babies neck.

What fasteners are on Driblet?

Baby/Toddler Driblet bibs which have a top layer of Cotton Poplin are secured using KAM plastic snaps which are made from polyacetal resin, a type of plastic that is stronger and more durable than other types of plastic. Cotton jersey fronts are secured using nickel free snaps. There are four fasteners which give a range of three different size settings to suit babies of all sizes.

Newborn Driblet bibs have nickel free snap fasteners

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